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The Health Innovator Traineeship – 5 questions to our HR & Operations Director

Graduating from university is the end of a journey, that at the same marks the beginning of your next journey in life: starting your first job. It’s been widely acknowledged that universities, albeit equipping us with critical minds and invaluable research skills, don’t provide the practical training and business skillset that employers wish for. Undoubtedly, you’ll have heard stories about people being either overqualified or under-experienced for their dream roles. So, how then do you kick-start your career after university? To help fresh graduates flawlessly transition from newbies to confident, competent “health innovators”, MedScaler proudly launches its Health Innovator Traineeship. In this article, we interview Robin Toorneman, our HR & Operations Director to discover what the Health Innovator Traineeship program is all about!

1. Being a “Health Innovator” sounds very interesting, but what can people expect when they become one?

At MedScaler, we share a passion for innovation in healthcare. In the role of Health Innovator, you help medical professionals to discover relevant innovations and startups to validate and scale their products in new markets. MedScaler is all about improving healthcare by helping promising innovations in MedTech and digital health scale internationally. As Health Innovator, you are at the center of this. You talk to clients, healthcare professionals, investors and governmental stakeholders. You manage your own projects, perform market research and write insightful reports to help startups build a solid market-entry strategy. In no time, you will be an expert on healthcare and innovation – or in other words, a Health Innovator.

“In no time, you will be an expert on healthcare and innovation – or in other words, a Health Innovator”

2. So, why did you see the need to develop the Health Innovator Traineeship?

Starting your first job is very exciting, but is sometimes also perceived as challenging. How will you gain the so-called ‘soft skills’ in business that employers call for? Will you be thrown in at the deep end or guided step-by-step? In the first two years of you career, you probably learn just as much as during four years in university – if not more. But now, there is no room for procrastination of deadlines or re-sit exams. There are real clients, responsibilities and co-workers that count on you. The transition from university to your first professional job involves a steep learning curve. We want to facilitate that learning process to our best ability. Our two-year Health Innovator Traineeship program gives you a structured way to acquire both the hard- and soft skills needed to succeed. Moreover, we recognized that there weren’t many traineeships – if any – that are 100% dedicated to health innovation. So that’s where we stepped in.

“The transition from university to your first professional job involves a steep learning curve. We want to facilitate that learning process to our best ability”

3. Could you make that even more concrete in terms of what you’ll learn in those two years?

Well, think of it this way. Let’s say you have a background in medicine or biomedical engineering. In this case, you know a lot about the medical or technical development of a MedTech product, but probably not too much about health economics, reimbursement routes and healthcare systems. If you’ve studied health economics or healthcare (innovation) management, exactly the opposite is true. In reality, our Health Innovators should understand both. Our Health Innovator Traineeship will give you a 360-degree understanding of MedTech and eHealth, from initial idea to market launch. Also, there are workshops focused on soft skills, such as stakeholder management, project management, negotiating and pitching. You will be working on internal projects and have the unique opportunity to gain experience in different aspects of our company.

4. What study backgrounds are eligible for the Health Innovator Traineeship?

Within our team, you find a wide variety of study backgrounds. For example, Medicine, Innovation Sciences, Science & Business Management, Health Economics, HEPL, Healthcare Management, MPA, Global Health, Biomedical Engineering. We welcome anyone with a background and passion for healthcare and innovation.

5. And what happens after the traineeship?

After the Health Innovator Traineeship, there will be an evaluation moment. Based on your performance, we will make you an offer to stay on as Health Innovator. Together, we will determine your trajectory – are you going to further specialize as a content expert or perhaps taking on managerial tasks? If we make you an offer, we ask you to stay on for at least another year. Some trainees may also opt for a career at a hospital, health insurer or MedTech startup – in any case, you will be a perfect candidate with valuable knowledge and skills.

Are you curious to learn more about our Health Innovator Traineeship? Feel invited to contact our HR team via or 085 1300 820. Click here to explore the vacancy.