About Us

MedScaler is 100% dedicated to scaling MedTech and digital health innovation worldwide

We aim to bridge the gap between technological possibilities and the daily use of innovation in healthcare. Scroll down to discover our way of working.


Removing complexity to help you understand how healthcare systems work.


Underpromise, and overdeliver – never the other way around.


Insights are validated by our Innovators Club, a network of >400 care professionals.


Our online portal allows you to view our progress at any time.

Market introductions done right

Our goal is to improve the lives of patients and healthcare professionals. We bring promising innovations to healthcare systems around the globe.

Life is complex enough by itself, let alone in the world of healthcare. We remove complexity to help you understand how healthcare systems really work.

Meet our Leadership

Driven by a shared passion for health innovation, Nino Bellengé and Robin Toorneman decided to found MedScaler in 2018. Our organization is 100% dedicated to help scale MedTech and digital health around the globe. Questions? Do not hesitate to reach out to our management.

Nino Bellengé Managing Director

Mission driven. Visionary. Results oriented. Experienced consultant in the healthcare field, on a mission to reduce the gap between possibilities and daily use of innovation in healthcare.

Robin Toorneman Operations Director

Startup enthusiast. Critical thinker. People person. Inspired and motivated on a daily basis to drive technology and innovation in healthcare.

Meet the team

Create impact together

We are connected through a shared passion for improving healthcare. Together, we aim to bridge the gap between technological possibilities and the daily use of innovative solutions in healthcare.

Our team of combines strong academic backgrounds in Health Economics, Medicine, and Innovation Management, with relevant hands-on experience in complex healthcare projects. Our team’s diversity enables us to take multiple perspectives and understand different contexts.

Interested in joining our team? Check out our current openings.

  • Netherlands

    Geographically small, yet strong in innovation. Ranked #2 in the World Index on Healthcare Innovation and #1 in the English Proficiency Index. The Netherlands is a perfect beachhead market when venturing into Europe. We know the Dutch care system like no other.

  • Belgium

    Belgium is amongst the best healthcare systems in Europe, ranked #5 in the Euro Health Consumer Index. The mHealth validation pyramid is an interesting instrument for digital health apps. At less than an hour away, we know our way around the Belgian healthcare system.

  • Germany

    Germany – the largest MedTech market in Europe – is catching up fast when it comes to innovation and digitization. Home to reputable care organizations like Charité and Asklepios Kliniken, Germany is an interesting market during scale-up. Our German experts are happy to help.

  • United States

    The US is the world’s largest healthcare market. It has one of the highest adoption rates of innovative technologies. At some point, the US will be on the agenda when scaling up. Our team can help you navigate this vast territory and figure out where to get started.

  • Canada

    Canada has a universal, publicly funded health system called Canadian Medicare. Decision-making is decentralized and shared amongst Canada’s 13 provinces and territories. To enter Canada, you need a ‘man on the inside’. Talk to one of our colleagues to get more expertise.

Our knowledge

We scale innovations in several healthcare markets

and we perform market research in many more countries. We have partnered with >70 innovative companies.


Frequently asked questions

We can imagine you may have questions. Check out our FAQs or book a meeting with one of our colleagues to discuss your project.

  • Is MedScaler a distributor of medical products?

    No, MedScaler is not a distributor. We do not ship products, provide logistics or on-site technical support. However, we do offer a module called “Distributor Search”, which involves a service to match SMEs with distributors around the globe. Reach out to us for more information.

  • Is MedScaler a consulting firm?

    Not exactly, even though similarities exist in our line of work. MedScaler is specialized in facilitating market introductions for innovative MedTech and Digital Health SMEs, working according to a validated and transparent approach. Our standardized processes allow us to perform a smooth market entry in a short period of time. We work as partners, dedicated to scaling your product or service worldwide. Our approach is more hands-on than most consulting firms are able to offer.

  • In which countries can MedScaler support me?

    Our experience lies in Western Europe and North America. However, we have tested our unique approach in many countries around the globe. Reach out if you’d like to challenge us.

  • What are the costs of a market introduction?

    The total investment depends strongly on the module(s) required, the stage of development of the company and the type of product. Generally speaking, partnering with MedScaler is the most effective and cost-efficient way to enter a new market with a total investment in the range of € 15,000.00 to € 50,000.00 per country.

  • Who does MedScaler work for?

    We work for MedTech digital health companies that have hardware and software products in healthcare, that have a B2B or B2B2C model. We are unable to support healthcare products that have a strict B2C business model. Reach out to us for more information.

  • Can MedScaler help me get my CE mark?

    MedScaler can help you get into contact with the right people to obtain your CE mark, FDA approval or Health Canada approval. These services are offered by our network of trusted partners. Reach out to us for more information.

  • Is MedScaler an importer as defined under MDR article 16?

    No, we are not an importer however we do know them and can put you in contact with them. Reach out to us for more information.