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Non-invasive evaluation during pregnancy and pulmonary health conditions

Ultrasound devices can provide more value than they were in the past. Currently, ultrasound device operators, or sonographers, follow a 2-year education, but the operator dependence and the subjections to interpretive error are very high. It should be noted that if ultrasound devices could provide an objective diagnosis, they could prevent many unnecessary caesarian sections when used during labor or help to quickly diagnose pneumonia which will decrease the time-to-treatment and save lives. MedScaler is proud to introduce Amolab, a new client that developed a portable ultrasound device that supports operators and quantifies images. We spoke with Paola Vitellio, Export Manager at Amolab, about this innovation.

Paola, what can you tell us about the products of Amolab?

“We have two products; SensUS and Sensus-Lung (earlier known as ‘Ecovidus’). They use the same hardware, but different software. SensUS can help midwives to evaluate childbirth labour in a non-invasive way, with simple transperineal acquisitions. The Sensus-Lung can diagnose and assess the severity of pneumonia (including the one caused by Covid-19) and can be easily operated by physicians thanks to the software-guidance
during acquisitions.”

Worldwide, around 385.000 babies are born each day. Traditionally, each woman is monitored during pregnancy and especially during labor. The assessment and management of a woman in labor are usually based on (invasive) digital evaluation, where the midwife or physician assesses the position of the fetal head by manual palpation.

“SensUS Touch is a new ultra-portable ultrasound device that enables quantitative, safe, and non-invasive monitoring of all labor stages through simple translabial scans. The algorithms used by the innovative Amolab Suite software automatically provide accurate quantitative measurements of the most important indicators of labor progress. The descent of the fetus in the birth canal can now be evaluated objectively and reliably in a few seconds.”

That’s interesting! What can you tell us about your founding story?

Amolab is a spin-off of the National Council of Research in Lecce, Italy, and was founded in 2011. Traditionally, the assessment and management of women in labor are almost entirely based upon the digital evaluation. Digital evaluation means the midwife or physician inserts one or two fingers to assess the positioning of the fetus, which is invasive, subjective, and inaccurate. “We wanted to produce a solution that allows the monitoring of fetal development in a non-invasive way. With SensUS Touch, we will enhance the current labor protocols and thereby reduce the overall healthcare costs of unnecessary caesarian sections.”


Besides SensUS Touch, Amolab also developed Sensus-Lung, a portable ultrasound device that enables a quick, automated, and non-invasive investigation of pulmonary health conditions with real-time results. Early diagnosis of pneumonia is important, as pneumonia can lead to sepsis. So, decreasing time-to-treatment is important. “By using Sensus-Lung, even unskilled operators can quickly make the diagnosis of pneumonia and also receive a risk estimate for Covid-19. This can be useful for physicians but also EMS providers.”

Do you want to know more about Sensus-Lung? Watch the clip below

Wow, quite some experience already. In which countries are you currently active?

“As an Italian company, we’re currently active and moving outside of Italy. We are already active in Greece and Iran, and we have dedicated market expansion plans for most of the European and Middle East countries. By the end of the year, our products will be registered also in Russia and China”

That’s nice. Do you have a healthcare market that you are interested in? And why?

“Fueled by a growing population and a steady expansion of private healthcare facilities, we think the United States has an attractive market for advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. We want to take this opportunity to widen our expansion by keeping the current efforts. In the end, we want to grow at the fastest and healthiest rate possible.”

Amolab recently teamed up with MedScaler to explore the US market.

Are you a healthcare professional working in obstetrics or are you just interested to learn more about the products of Amolab? Contact our Health Innovator Gijs Langkamp via