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Did you know that around 70% of asthma patients do not use their inhaler correctly? Using the right asthma inhaler technique helps avoid asthma attacks and prevents the asthma from getting worse. Therefore, educating people about the right technique and the consequences is important from a young age.

MySpira was developed by Orbital Global from the UK. They have created an Augmented Reality (AR) training game application for asthmatic children between the age of 6 and 13 years old. This app enables them to learn the right asthma inhaler techniques and educate them on other relevant information regarding their condition in a playful way.

Success of MySpira

We interviewed our contact person from MySpira, Hayden Allen-Vercoe, COO at Orbital Global, to get more insights on the company and their innovation. Hayden states: “MySpira is the worlds first and only AR asthma training app for kids.” Information for home review is generally provided in the form of leaflets and videos. Research shows that MySpira is 36% more effective than videos and 69% more effective than leaflets. These positive study results resulted in the UK National Health Service (NHS) distributing MySpira, making sure thousands of children with asthma have access to the app and using the right asthma inhaler techniques.

According to Hayden, MySpira is revolutionizing healthcare by using unique and immersive technology to engage children to practice critical selfcare. In this case, the app encourages positive behavior around meter dose inhalers for children with asthma.

Innovation and market strategy

Hayden’s tip that every entrepreneur should consider about innovating in healthcare is: “Find the niche, start with a minimum viable product and use the lean start up model. Prove your case, then seek funding to scale.”
MySpira has recently teamed up with MedScaler to validate their value proposition in the Dutch healthcare market. Why the Netherlands? Hayden explains: “We understand that the Netherlands has one of the worst records of child asthma in Europe and therefore there is a case to improve education around asthma.” Their plans for the future? “Expand considerably and develop web-based platforms that use games to educate a global audience around positive behaviour in relation to multiple challenges, including Sexual Health, Diabetes, Diet, Exercise and Mental Wellbeing.”

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