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Time is costly, especially in emergency situations. Did you know that lives are lost every day because the ambulance takes people to the wrong hospitals? For instance, a person suffering from a heart attack is first brought to a regional hospital before being brought to the specialized cardiac center. Patients suffering from a heart attack are transported a second time in 30-60% of all cases, while time matters. People suffering from a stroke lose two million brain cells with every minute delay. Every minute can make a difference between a patient’s full recovery or a life with a severe disability.

STEMI Global developed a sophisticated communication platform for hospitals and paramedics, significantly shortening the time to treatment. The system forms one virtual team, connecting specialists and paramedics. By connecting these, the correct diagnosis can be made earlier, after which the patient can be taken to the designated hospital. Furthermore, hospitals can see when a patient comes in, which allows for better resource planning, saving time for treatment.


We interviewed the CEO at STEMI Global, Andrej Vargecko, to get more insights on the company and its innovation.
Andrej: “Our solution has been implemented nationwide in Slovakia, covering about 70 hospitals and 350 ambulances.” He further explains that research has shown that STEMI managed to shorten the time to treatment for a STEMI (ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction) by an hour, which resulted in 50% reduction in immediate mortality and 15% reduction in annual mortality. Andrej continues to add: “We can impact entire societies. Behind our successful study are individuals, people, whose lives we saved. It’s a great feeling and it gives deep meaning to what we do.”
In addition to its current system, STEMI Global is also working on a product that reduces the delay before a patient calls an ambulance. Andrej: “For this project, we are implementing cutting-edge AI and involving top cardiologists and neurologists as consultants to reduce the time to treatment even more.”

Innovation and market strategy

The possibilities for innovation in healthcare are widespread, according to Andrej. In order to come to a good innovation, one must first closely observe a problem in healthcare and thoroughly analyze it to reveal the root cause. He continues to add: “With that knowledge, coming up with solutions or innovations is the easy part. Close collaboration with people infield is the secret to get to that knowledge.”

STEMI has recently partnered with MedScaler to enter the US healthcare market. Why is this market interesting to STEMI? “We see that our solutions provide answers for a common issue throughout the world. The US is interesting because this market is open to adapt to new technologies and has the financial means to do so.” Besides STEMI’s nationwide implementation in Slovakia, it is also piloted in Argentina, Indonesia, and several other countries. Now, the US healthcare market is in the planning. And afterward? “The US is only the start of our planned expansion, it does not exclude other countries. In the future, we see our solution being present in every continent, impacting lives everywhere.”

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