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Did you know that care facilities buy 10 to 20% more portable equipment than they actually need? And that medical personnel spend a lot of their working time searching for equipment, decreasing efficiency and productivity? To provide flexible and hands-on care to patients, the need for portable medical devices (e.g., infusion pumps, blood pressure monitors, and ECG machines) has increased the last years. This equipment can be very costly, and keeping track of them is often a demanding task. 

“Searching for a bed for a patient, or for a pump or infusion, takes relatively long. In addition, we see that departments tend to keep more assets in stock than necessary, resulting in 10 to 20% overpayment.”

In today’s complex and densely populated clinics, the increase in number of portable medical devices also brings other challenges such as: how to avoid loss and equipment theft, how to calculate asset utilization, and how to optimize workflow and maintenance schedules?

Although indoor localization technologies have already been available for more than 10 years, they are not widely used due to the high costs and complexity of them.

How does it work?

For these problems, Blyott comes to the rescue. Blyott is a machine learning and modular real-time locating system (RLTS) platform capable of relieving medical staff in its daily task by simplifying the use of modern technology.

The idea for Blyott’s RTLS platform arose when Gery Pollet was asked by the Academic Hospital Maria Middelares (AZMM) in Ghent to find a solution to quickly locate beds and other resources back in 2018. Currently, the platform has been successfully deployed at AZMM and around a dozen other clinics.

By implementing Blyott, the location of all portable medical equipment is known, and the loss, theft, or misplacing of equipment can be decreased. Blyott can be used for monitoring of for example temperature in refrigerators, air quality and room occupancy. And furthermore, the big data generated by the equipment can be used to provide insight in the asset’s utilization, predict maintenance and for process flow optimization.

“Let’s reduce operating cost and create more happiness by putting data to work, for an affordable price. Blyott is here to empower ambitious health organizations to become a great place to work and future proof.” – Gery Pollet (Founder and CEO)

The solution of Blyott consists of 4 components: A Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) sensor which is placed on the medical device, a Bluetooth locator, a cloud platform, and the Blyott web- and mobile app. Due to the BLE technology, Blyott can be applied seamlessly in the existing infrastructure.

How does Blyott impact patients’ health/healthcare?

Simply by providing insight into the location of the assets, hospitals can suffice with 10% to 20% less assets. Beside the fact that this reduces capital expenditure, this will also lead to a decrease in storage and maintenance costs. On top of the financial impact, medical staff also spend less time looking for equipment. The more efficient and workable environment for the healthcare professionals, will lead to happy staff.

“Big Savings, Happy Staf”


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