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Ergonomically safe inflatable patient bed positioning devices

Positioning a patient in bed correctly is a daily task for most nurses and doctors. It is a physical handling and can cause back pain for those involved. Ergotrics, a Belgium company that recently teamed up with MedScaler, has developed an inflatable medical device that can position patients using compressed air. In this article, we have interviewed Inge Bruynooghe, CEO of Ergotrics, to tell us more about this revolutionizing innovation.

What kind of products do you make and why?

We design and produce inflatable positioning devices, which tilt and lift patients quickly, easily, ergonomically, hygienically and safely. Positioning a patient before surgery is very important as it avoids complications and allows for better surgery. However, this requires manually positioning by four to six nurses. The products were invented by neurosurgeon Dr Paul Depauw as he saw that 60% of the nurses in his OR-team were suffering from lower back pain.

By using compressed air instead of manual force, we want to bring efficiency in hospitals and provide better support for patients without ergonomically burdening the healthcare worker. Our products are used in the operating room (e.g. neurosurgery) and intensive care units (e.g. corona patients).

Are these products already in use?

Our products are sold in more than eight European countries and in the United States. We have won many awards such as the prestigious European Seal of Excellence and the Henry van de Veldy design award in 2022. The ergonomic value of our innovation has been proven in a study of Liantis (an external organization for safety at work) which concluded: “Compressed air and inflatables help reduce back pain in healthcare sector.

“Positioning a patient before surgery is the most difficult position switch but is important as it allows for better surgery.”

Inge Bruynooghe, CEO Ergotrics

Why do you want to go to Canada?

For us, the North American market is attractive because of the high number of neurosurgical operations, the higher percentage of patients with obesity, the shortage of nurses and the regulations with regards to nurse ergonomics.

Curious how the products of Ergotrics work in an operating room? Watch the clip below.

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