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Artificial Intelligence: the next step for radiologists.

Do you know that radiologists see up to 50.000 medical images (e.g., MRI’s, X-ray’s, mammography) per day? This large amount of medical images causes a great workload for the radiologists. To reduce this workload by improving the speed and quality of diagnosis, Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are increasingly used by radiologists. However, with many AI apps to choose from, it can be difficult to select the right app. Are you looking for an AI radiology application to support you in your practice, but are you struggling to find the right one in the overwhelming amount of offers? Well, today MedScaler will show you an innovation which could potentially solve this problem: The Folio platform from our French client, Incepto.

We interviewed Health Innovator and projectleader Mirte from our MedScaler team, and here is what she had to say!

I am very intrigued! So, what does Incepto offer?

Incepto developed a single platform, which can be connected to any PACS, RIS or imaging device and ensures a single, secured, orchestrated, streamlined access to state-of-the-art AI-app. Their solution gives access to AI radiology apps for different specialisms ranging from cardiology to oncology. This allows the hospital and their radiologists to find the AI app which suits their needs, knowing it has been verified on quality by Incepto’s team of experts.

There are a lot of AI apps on the market, often for different specialism. To get a full set of apps integrated into the PACS/RIS system, it takes a lot of time, effort and money. Incepto wants to make this simple, secure and non-binding. This way, physicians have the opportunity to choose which apps suit them, switch between them and easily integrate it in their workflow. By using the Folio platform, healthcare institutions can eliminate multiple integration trajectories for different solutions, which reduces workload and costs.

Interesting! But how does it improve patients’ health or healthcare?

In the last couple of years, AI apps have been increasingly entering into the field of medical imaging. The aging population, lack of personnel, and increasing demand for imaging have put pressure on radiologists all over Europe, resulting in a higher workload.

Incepto’s Folio can help in decreasing the workload for physicians, which helps them to do their job more easily and efficient, which will eventually lead to an increase in the quality of care they provide to patients. So, by helping physicians, the platform and its apps will help patients indirectly.

What is the story behind the innovation?

Incepto wants to develop and distribute Artificial Intelligence tools for a more precise and human radiology. They do this by bringing a community of partners, AI producers, and radiologists together, who share the vision of technology serving people. Their ambition is to become the leading platform for Artificial Intelligence solutions for all radiology specialties.

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