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MedTech & eHealth Idea to Market

Do you want to improve healthcare with your idea? Our eLearning is a step-by-step guide on what it takes to get from idea to market.


What can you expect?

In 10 episodes our experts will explain everything you need to know to bring your medical device or software idea to market safely and successfully. With help of videos, textbook pages, quizes and assignments we will make sure that you can bring theory to practice.

The eLearning is designed and suitable for startups, healthcare professionals, students, and anyone with an interest in healthcare or innovation.



scale-ups and SME's


with an innovative mindset

Health professionals

with a passion for innovation

Anyone else

with an interest in healthcare or innovation

Who is this eLearning for?

In this eLearning, we will tell you everything you need to know to get your medical device or software from idea to market safely and successfully. This eLearning is designed and suitable for almost everyone with an innovative idea and an interest in health innovation.

  • Episode 1: Problem, Solution, Product
    In the first episode, we will start off with the basics of startup theory. These will be vital aspects to take into account in the beginning when you have your first idea. We have asked experts (e.g., from TU Delft and OostNL) to tell you more about the Lean Startup Theory, Business Model Canvas, Problem Definition, and Regional Development Agencies.
  • Episode 2: Intellectual Property

    Now that you’ve heard about startup theories, validation and avoidance of common mistakes when building your business, it’s time to know how to protect your idea. With two expert interviews, this episode will cover the topic of Intellectual Property.

  • Episode 3: Product Development

    In this episode we will explain the most important aspects you need to take into account when building either your hardware or software. With three expert interviews, this topic is broadly covered.

  • Episode 4: Fundraising

    As fundraising is such a big and important topic for this journey, we have dedicated a full episode to different types of fundraising. An example topic that will be covered: ‘What is Dilutive Funding’?

  • Episode 5: Clinical Evidence

    The next step is conducting clinical trials and collecting clinical evidence for your medical device or software. This allows you to prove the safety and effectiveness of your device or software.

  • Episode 6: Standardization and Data Privacy

    Data. It’s getting more and more and you can’t avoid it no longer. In this episode we will cover the most important topics of data standardization and data privacy. With three expert interviews, multiple topics will be covered like ‘How to guarantee privacy for your patients?’.

  • Episode 7: Quality Assurance and Risk Management

    While manufacturing your medical device, you have to take into account both quality and risk. You need to make sure that the manufacturing process is up to standards in order to prevent defects and risks that may result in causing harm. We will tell you all about this topic in episode 7.

  • Episode 8: Market Access

    Your idea is getting ready to access the market! In this episode we will cover all the important topics regarding market access, for example ‘What is notified body’ and ‘How does CE-marking work?’.

  • Episode 9: Business Case and Reimbursement
    Since you already have a better idea on all the aspects needed to bring your innovation to the market, we are going to dive deeper into a business case in healthcare and reimbursement systems in this episode.
  • Episode 10: Sales and Distribution

    In the tenth episode we will cover the topic of Sales and Distribution. The episode consists of a guest lecture of Frank Baijens on what a distributor is and does, and Edgar Kasteel on the role of the regulatory importer in Europe. Finally, our own Nino Bellengé, Managing Director of MedScaler, is going to dive deeper into sales and purchases at hospitals.

The episodes

What will you learn?

This eLearning will cover the important topics you must know to get your idea to the market, whether a medical device or software. Each episode will present information from different perspectives both theoretical and practical.


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