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One bloodtest to investigate the patient’s health status with RNA analysis.

To unlock the full potential of RNA analysis, the Spanish company Exheus developed a test aimed at healthcare professionals to give them insight into their patient’s health status with one bloodtest. They facilitate the process from taking the blood sample, to the analysis and finally delivering the results in a report. They want to take the next step to the public market and give healthcare professionals the opportunity to utilize this information. An interesting fact about Exheus, our new partner is the winner of the Healthy Longevity Catalyst Awards 2022.

To learn more about Exheus, we spoke with Pol Ververa, COO and co-founder of Exheus.

The Exheus Gold

Exheus developed a test which analysis the activation of genes through RNA analysis and AI. The company already offers two tests each focusing on different aspects of a personal health, nutrition, or sports performance. Their new test, the Exheus Gold, is exclusive for healthcare professionals to gain more insight into active process of proteins in the body. It measures more than 320 biomarkers of mRNA, resulting in personalized recommendations and the results can be customized to the needs of the healthcare professional. The report provides information about your metabolism, the state of your body and aging and lastly, inflammations and infections. This enables personal lifestyle advice to increase the patient’s health or provides an indication of the origin of unexplained symptoms which than can be confirmed with ‘traditional’ diagnostic tests. 

How does the Exheus Gold impact patients’ health?

The new innovation helps with healthy aging and an improving patient’s health conditions to live a better life. It can be used for different patient groups such as diabetics, rheumatism, obesity, sport athletics and many more. Currently, a patient’s health condition is measured via different health monitoring tools, such as blood tests, microbiome tests, DNA test and glucose sensors. However, Exheus offers an integral health monitoring tool that can be performed with a only a small blood sample.

Waht is the story behind Exheus

Exheus is a Spin-off of the Sant Pau Hospital Research Institute, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and the Mobile World Capital. The company was founded in 2020 and quickly entered the Spanish market. Recently, Exheus was announced as one of the winners in the Healthy Longevity Global Competition 2022.

In the picture you can see Jose Manuel Soria, co-founder and CSO of Exheus (upper left), Alexandre Perera LLuna, co-founder of Exheus (upper right), Teresa Tarragó, CEO of Exheus (lower left) and Pol Cervera, co-founder and COO of Exheus (lower right).

Any success stories/use case/interesting studies that the client is most proud of?

Pol Cervera, COO and Co-Founder of Exheus, talked about some of their success stories: “To date, our researchers have carried out different studies that have been published in prestigious journals such as Science. Additionally, we have collaborated in observational clinical studies with prestigious European institutions in the field of sport and chronic diseases, mainly those associated with overweight, obesity and other comorbidities. We are also currently working in the field of Inflamaging (inflammation caused by aging) collaborating with more than 10 associated Spanish medical centers. On the other hand, thanks to our test we have been able to detect early low-grade chronic inflammation in many of our clients and 8/10 have improved adherence to treatments and to the guidelines recommended by specialists.”

What is the most valuable tip about innovating healthcare that every entrepreneur could learn from?

Last but not lease, a valuable tip from the entrepreneurs at Exheus “Never give up (unless you run out of cash). A great CEO once gave me this advice which I enthusiastically share. Life in entrepreneurship is an emotional roller coaster and every day obstacles appear that will make you give up and abandon the game. It is about persisting, reflecting and seeking solutions to all those challenges that appear along the way.”

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