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The Health Innovator Experience

Giving you an insight into the world of MedScaler and its employees.

Are you curious what is it like to work in an ambitious and committed team of young professionals?

We help companies worldwide with market introductions, attracting growth capital and implementing novel Medtech and eHealth products in Dutch and European healthcare markets. How should VR-goggles for anesthesia be reimbursed? What are the criteria for implementing eHealth-based rehabilitation tools? Controlling an electric wheelchair with a Google Glass. These are just a few examples of the innovations that our team work on, on a daily basis. In order to give you an insight into the world of MedScaler and more specifically its employees, we have invited Nadia Honing, one of our employees, to tell us more about her experience at MedScaler.

Meet Nadia Honing

Nadia is one of our innovative team-members who just finished her Master in Global Health. She joined MedScaler in January as a Junior Health Innovator to make an impact and improve quality of lives by supporting smart, innovative and sustainable solutions in healthcare.

Why did you choose to work at MedScaler to begin with?

As a master student in Global Health I was told health innovations can make an impact. I was curious to learn more about the different factors that make innovations successful. Besides expanding my knowledge, I wanted to develop the hard and soft skills needed to start a career in health care. MedScaler offered me the opportunity to work on different skills by managing projects, attending strategy sessions, conducting desk research and writing reports. As a young and fast-growing company, I saw many opportunities to grow within the company.

What is like to work at MedScaler?

Working at MedScaler offers you the opportunity to develop yourself and learn something new every day. Every time you start a new project you learn about new diseases, new technologies and the healthcare system. It offers you the opportunity to get in touch with various care professionals and discover the opportunities and challenges of health innovations. Working in a young, ambitious and passionate team encourages you to do things better every day.

What is the best thing about MedScaler that you want to share with future prospects?

MedScaler offers you the opportunity to learn by doing, to have a great responsibility over your own projects and encourages you to think about improvements every day. Most importantly, MedScaler makes working life fun. You will not miss your student time as many social events such as dinners, ski trips and beach trips are organized.

What is the most valuable thing you learnt during your time at MedScaler?

Innovating in healthcare is complex, and you always need to keep the interests of different stakeholders in mind. Every time you start a new project, it may look like a big puzzle, by finding out more about technologies, the health system and important stakeholders, you master  a new kind of knowledge. That is the best way to learn, if you ask me.

What do you consider your biggest contribution to the team? Or what are you the most proud of?

As an open-minded person, I always try to see things from various viewpoints. I am positive and motivated to help my colleagues.

Can you tell a bit about the projects you worked on? What was your favorite project?

Kontigo Care was my favorite project so far. We started this project during COVID-19. The solution made it possible to provide remote addiction care. We spoke to many addiction experts. Their drive and enthusiasm to help their clients in the best way they can and their openness to innovation in these difficult times, made me feel hopeful about the future of healthcare.

What are you hoping to learn still?

I hope to learn more about different health systems and the opportunities and challenges when it comes to the implementation of health innovations worldwide.

What is your career advice for students that are about to, or have just graduated from their Master’s degree?

Find out what you are really passionate about and what kind of work gives you energy every day. Be curious, learn by doing, fail and challenge yourself.

Are you interested in joining our team and becoming part of the Health Innovator Experience? Check our current opportunities here.