The Health Innovation Internship Experience

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Are you curious what it’s like to work in an ambitious and committed team of young professionals?

We help companies worldwide with market introductions, attracting growth capital and implementing novel Medtech and eHealth products in Dutch and European healthcare markets. How should VR-goggles for anesthesia be reimbursed? What are the criteria for implementing eHealth-based rehabilitation tools? Controlling an electric wheelchair with a Google Glass. These are just a few examples of the innovations that our team work on, on a daily basis. In order to give you an insight into the world of MedScaler and more specifically its employees, we have invited Jule Wessels, one of our employees, to tell us more about her experience at MedScaler.

Meet Jule Wessels

Jule is one of our innovative team-members who just finished her 4th year as a Medical student. She decided to join MedScaler for the period September-October as a Junior Health Innovator to learn more about the most recent technologies in the field. She believes that the best patient care could be achieved by implementing sustainable solution for optimization and quality improvement of healthcare could contribute to patient care, which is the major reason for her decision to join the team in September.

“The reason why I decided to embark on this opportunity was to have an impact and create value for the future of healthcare.“

Why did you choose to work at MedScaler to begin with?

“As a doctor in training I wanted to learn how the Dutch healthcare landscape is structured, come into contact with different disciplines around the organization of healthcare and find out more about consulting innovations in the field.”

What is like to work at MedScaler?

“Working at MedScaler means that you are part of a group of creative and fun colleagues. The MedScaler’s team believes it is important to work towards an end result together with each other and the customer. During my internship, I got the unique opportunity to work as a junior health innovator on a real project with a lot of responsibility. I did desk research, took part in strategy sessions and contacted healthcare organizations to retrieve information. At the end I became more experienced in healthcare innovation!”

What is the best thing about MedScaler that you want to share with future prospects?

“The chance to learn more about European healthcare and the latest developments in health innovation is definitely the most important but not the only thing I loved about working at MedScaler. The great support from my colleagues and the steep learning curve helped me to grow in this field. Moreover, the startup-like work atmosphere and the events, drinks and social meetups was a great addition to the overall experience. At MedScaler, you enjoy a high degree of autonomy and independence, carrying responsibility for your own projects.”

Are you interested in joining our team and becoming part of the Health Innovator Experience? Check the current opportunities here.