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The demand for professionals with knowledge and skills in health innovation continues to grow in the Netherlands. Not only universities expanded the number of programs centered on health innovation; also post-university educational programs such as the Dutch Health Innovation School offer tools to embrace innovation. MedScaler also recognizes this trend. Each year, the company processes hundreds of applications of candidates looking for an internship or entry-level position focused on health innovation. In response, the Rotterdam-based company now launches a two-year trainee program: The Health Innovation Traineeship. In doing so, the company hopes to better prepare fresh graduates for a position in field of health innovation.

“We noticed that there are actually hardly any traineeships or challenging entry-level positions that are completely dedicated to health innovation,” says HR & Operations Director Robin Toorneman. “We were faced with a choice: do you accept this status quo or are you going to try to fill the gap.” Toorneman and his team performed extensive research, interviewed trainees from different industries and designed a challenging two-year program.

“We noticed there are hardly any traineeships dedicated to health innovation. We decided to fill this gap”

Traineeship in healthcare innovation

Toorneman explains: “We hope to help recent graduates transition from newbie to expert in medtech and digital health innovation. We will cover the entire journey – from initial idea to implementation and scaling up in hospitals and long- term care facilities.” In addition to subject matter, trainees will complete an inspiring workshop program to master skills such as pitching, stakeholder management and project management. The trainees will also visit various healthcare organizations to get a look behind the scenes.

The first batch of trainees will start around the summer. The trainees will be helping healthcare organizations to discover relevant innovations. They will partner with startups to advise on market-fit, implementation and international scaling. “After completing the Health Innovation traineeship, there are plenty of career opportunities in our internal organization,” says Toorneman. “Alternatively, some trainees may opt for a position in the innovation team of a hospital or long-term care facility. Even then, our goal has been reached”.

“We will cover the entire journey – from initial idea to implementation and scaling up in hospitals, long-term care facilities and laboratories”.

what are we looking for

Recent graduates can apply for the Health Innovation Traineeship here. For questions, please contact MedScaler via 085 1300 820 or