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At the core of MedScaler is our Innovators Club, an international network of medical professionals and healthcare that have committed to sharing their expert opinion and invaluable feedback with us. Following the lean startup principles, this method allows for fast and reliable validation of MedTech and digital health products in multiple healthcare systems.

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Time-consuming? Definitely not. We provide you with relevant innovations in your field and you  share your expert feedback with us at a time that is convenient for you. This helps validate new healthcare products and allows you to be the first in your field to initiate a pilot study. Will you join us?


Learn about new developments and provide feedback on the latest innovations.


Become part of an exclusive network of innovation-minded healthcare professionals and experts.


Get the unique chance to be the first center in your local area to participate in a pilot.


Keep yourself up to date about the developments in the field of medtech and digital health.
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Our innovators in the spotlight

Our innovators passion to innovate healthcare and improve the lives of patients worldwide is what drives us.

Jos Knaapen
Innovation Manager – Isala Hospital

“I appreciate the value that MedScaler has in the exchange and testing of health innovations in practice. It allows me to assess new innovations, but also give input from the field. In fact, as an Innovation Manager you can estimate in advance which innovations will be successful and which will not, and why or why not. The collaboration with MedScaler helps even more with that.”

Willemijn Faber
Rehabilitation Doctor – Heliomare

“Several years ago, we came across an exoskeleton during our work. This is an innovative walking suit that allows SCI patients to walk. I saw this innovation and decided to write a subsidy application, even though I had no experience with this. Together with my colleagues, we succeeded and received a large grant to get this exoskeleton.”

Jan Willem Alst
Innovation & Treatment Manager – Fundis

“The willingness to innovate has grown within the elderly industry. I joined the Innovators Club to gain low-threshold knowledge about new healthcare innovations, especially abroad.”

Jan-Kees van Wijnen
Board Member – tanteLouise

Jan-Kees says he chose to be part of the MedScaler Innovators Club to stay informed on new initiatives that could be interesting for tanteLouise. Jan-Kees adds: “Especially staying up to date on foreign innovations is beneficial for us. That’s how we can strengthen each other.”

Kitty de Jong
Health Innovation Advisor – Zorginnovatieadvies

“I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest healthcare innovations and at the same time, I can use my expertise to help MedScaler validate these innovations. Better than anyone, I know how difficult it is to grow from start-up to scale-up, so I’m happy to do my part and contribute to society. Besides, working with a young group of people about my passion for healthcare innovation is great fun and it keeps me young as well!”

Rudi de Goede
CEO – CLEO SmartCare

As Rudi offers clients an efficient solution in innovating the healthcare process, he is also looking actively for innovations to work with. Therefore, he is a member of MedScaler’s Innovators Club. “I enjoy working and thinking along with enthusiastic entrepreneurs within healthcare. Discussing on whether an innovation is feasible in a certain market gives me a lot of energy”.

Client cases

Our clients’ passion to innovate healthcare and improve the lives of patients worldwide is what drives us.


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