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Non-invasive evaluation during pregnancy and pulmonary health conditions

Ultrasound devices can provide more value than they were in the past. Currently, ultrasound device operators, or sonographers, follow a 2-year education, but the operator dependence and the subjections to interpretive error are very high. It should be noted that if ultrasound devices could provide an objective diagnosis, they could prevent many unnecessary caesarian sections when used during labor or help to quickly diagnose pneumonia which will decrease the time-to-treatment and save lives. 

To solve this problem Amolab developed the SensUS, a portable ultrasound device that enables quantitative, safe and non-invasive monitoring of all labour stages through simple translabial scanning. Besides the SensUS, Amolab also developed the SensUS Lung, which is explained below.

How do the products of Amolab work?

The SensUS and SensUS Lung (earlier known as ‘Ecovidus’) use the same hardware but different software. SensUS can help midwives to evaluate childbirth labour in a non-invasive way, with simple transperineal acquisitions. Sensus Lung can diagnose and assess the severity of pneumonia (including the one caused by Covid-19) and can be easily operated by physicians thanks to the software-guidance during acquisitions.

How do the products of Amolab impact the life of patients and healthcare professionals?

The SensUS is a new ultra-portable ultrasound device that enables quantitative, safe, and non-invasive monitoring of all labor stages through simple translabial scans. The algorithms used by the innovative Amolab Suite software automatically provide accurate quantitative measurements of the most important indicators of labor progress. The descent of the fetus in the birth canal can be evaluated objectively and reliably in a few seconds.

Besides SensUS, Amolab developed SensUS Lung, a portable ultrasound device that enables a quick, automated, and non-invasive investigation of pulmonary health conditions with real-time results. Early diagnosis of pneumonia is important, as pneumonia can lead to sepsis. So, decreasing time-to-treatment is important. By using SensUS Lung, even unskilled operators can quickly make the diagnosis of pneumonia and also receive a risk estimate for Covid-19. This can be useful for physicians but also EMS providers. More information about the SensUS Lung is visualized in the clip below.

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