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Healthy Mind is an evidence-based therapeutic VR-tool that alleviates pain and anxiety, reduces drug consumption and enhances patients’ recovery. The experiences are based on advanced psychological principles like medical hypnosis, breath control and relaxing music. Innovative medical device transports patients into a 3D visual and auditory experience to journey through the natural environment of their choice. Healthy Mind is already in use in numerous hospitals in multiple EU countries.

What problem does Healthy Mind solve?

There are many situations where people experience pain or anxiety. For instance, at the dentist, before going into surgery, during surgery or when going in labor. Together with neuroscience experts and physicians, Healthy Mind developed a CE-certified Virtual Reality (VR) application that alleviates pain and anxiety, clinically proven in eight peer-reviewed studies (and twelve more ongoing).

How does the innovation impact the life of patients or healthcare providers?

Healthy Mind can reduce analgesic medication usage and improve the patient’s medical experience while facilitating the work of care professionals. A win-win situation!

How does Healthy Mind work?

Healthy Mind makes use of immersive relaxing environments, combined with medical hypnosis, adapted to adults and children, which reduces pain. In-app breathing exercises reduce stress, anxiety and improve emotional management. The environment can be adapted to individual needs and can be controlled. The device is easy to use and can be easily integrated in existing medical workflows.

The virtual reality immersion allows to focus the patient on a soothing universe and activate the diffuse noxious inhibitory control, like hypno-analgesia, but with a greater ergonomics and without the need for personnel trained in these techniques. Instead of a general anaesthesia, it allowed me to propose a pleasant and relaxing experience for not very painful but anxiety-provoking.

Dr. Vincent Garcia

I felt like I was on a cloud with a fabulous setting: magnificent, teleported, transported. I forgot everything, forgot my illness and my condition. Pure happiness!

Hervé Treguer – Palliative care patient

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