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Physical therapy made simple.

Re.flex is a digital assistant for musculoskeletal (MSK) physical therapy that helps patients treat knee, hip and lower back pain effectively and lasting, using validated exercise protocols. With proven results in reducing pain and improving the quality of life, re.flex offers instant 3D feedback to help patients exercise correctly.

How does re.flex work?

Re.flex is an application that can be used for prehabilitation and rehabilitation purposes and can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet so the patient can exercise anywhere, anytime. The purchase consists of a 12-week program with 5 training sessions per week. During the exercises the patient will receive 3D instant feedback to help exercise correctly. In addition, users are able to collect daily badges and learn from the app which specific stage of the recovery has been reached. The trackrecord will be monitored by a remote physical therapist, so the solution can replace the first 8-12 weeks of in-clinical physiotherapy. Medical benefits of the program include improving range of motion, reducing pain and improving strength and balance.

How does re.flex impact the life of patients?

Chronic knee pain can severely restrict the quality of life. Following a systematic movement protocol, re.flex aims to help reduce the patients perceived pain. Independent of healthcare constraints like appointments or therapist shortages, re.flex improves chances of postponing total knee replacement (TKR) surgery by regular exercise in the patients personal time and space frame. Additionally, the applications’ intuitive design makes it really easy to use for people between the ages of 50 and 75 years. The app is able to track the most important metrics like adherence to treatment, range of motion (ROM) progression, pain and the correctness of the execution.


❝ Without this system I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises as precisely as I was assisted on how to do it by re.flex. This device was an absolute motivation. ❞

Inge Riepl

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