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Innovator in the Spotlight – Rudi de Goede (Cleo Smartcare)

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Did you know that The Netherlands is currently suffering from a severe shortage of (specialized) doctors and nursing staff? Of course, this is detrimental to patients, nurses and doctors themselves, and directors of healthcare institutions. To reduce this shortage, CLEO SmartCare is there to innovate the healthcare process and to provide better and more efficient care. How? By providing an innovative, efficient, and user-friendly platform where nurses can ask for digital consults of CLEO-doctors. They can assess the patient from a distance and work directly in the integrated EHR of that healthcare institution. In this blog we put a new member of our Innovators Club in the spotlight, with this time Rudi de Goede, Founder of CLEO SmartCare.

In The Netherlands, Cleo SmartCare is one of the frontrunners of gapping this healthcare shortage problem. Cleo SmartCare focusses itself on low complex medical care and provides a solution with their own telemedicine platform. With this platform, CLEO links a physician that is known by the healthcare institution to a patient after assessment by the nursing staff. In this way, the physician can efficiently assess the patient and prescribe a prescription for example.

Rudi de Goede, Founder and Chief Medical Officer at CLEO SmartCare and member of MedScaler’s Innovators Club is convinced that efficiency and innovation is needed to prevent the suffering of patients due to the current shortage of healthcare staff. On the other hand, he mentions that implementing in Dutch healthcare is complicated. “The healthcare system is very complex with high quality demands, data protection regulations, and a certain way of working. Healthcare institutions are therefore attached to the same workflows for years. You need to talk to a lot of different parties to get started with changing workflows.”

“With our CLEO platform, we want to break that barrier efficiently, by communicating and evaluating a lot with stakeholders.”

Rudi de Goede – Medical Consultant at Cleo Smartcare

Innovating workflows – Smartglasses

A nice example of a workflow that Rudi has implemented with CLEO are Smartglasses. These glasses help physicians in assessing their patients digitally via a nurse. The nurse who is taking care of the patient is wearing a Smartglass. While doing the job, the physician is watching and listening together with the nurse via a live audio and video connection. With this way of working the nurse gets its hands free, so that he or she can act directly upon the advice of the doctor if needed. Besides that, there is a lot of travelling time saved, which contributes to the efficiency of the workflow.

MedScaler and Cleo Smartcare

As Rudi offers clients an efficient solution in innovating the healthcare process, he is also looking actively for innovations to work with. Therefore, he is a member of MedScaler’s Innovators Club, an international network of medical professionals that have committed to share their opinions on relevant medical innovations while receiving the newest updates on innovations in their corresponding field of work. Rudi decided to join the Innovators Club because he wanted to give his career another twist. “I enjoy working and thinking along with enthusiastic entrepreneurs within healthcare. Discussing on whether an innovation is feasible in a certain market gives me a lot of energy”.

Innovative examples

Besides being an Innovation Club member, Rudi talks with a lot of innovative parties on all sorts of platforms and fairs, also internationally. When being asked which innovation made the best impression on him in the last five years, Rudi said: “In the Netherlands Luscii is one of my favorite examples. This home monitoring platform for hospitals has made a big impact for many Dutch patients already”. Internationally, Rudi is very enthusiastic about Ada Health: “This German company is a frontrunner in tele-medicine and simplifies patients’ healthcare journeys with their smart AI-driven Ada app. With an integrated symptom checker, patients receive a direct and reliable medical advice which simplifies the healthcare journey hugely. In The Netherlands we can learn from this, as most Dutch citizens still visit their GP when they have mild complaints.”

Future hope

Rudi also expresses his future hope regarding innovating in healthcare: “I hope that we work towards a fully digital healthcare environment, with digital guidance for patients and enough learning opportunities for healthcare professionals.” He adds: “Every disease must have its own platform where patients can find relevant medical information including the latest developments. By doing so, patients are better informed, empowered, and they can become the expert of their own disease.”

At MedScaler we are happy that Rudi from CLEO SmartCare is part of the Innovators Club, and excited to think together about innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the future.

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