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Innovator in the Spotlight – Jantine Wilschut & Marit Baaij (Lelie Zorggroep)

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Lelie Zorggroep delivers care to around 6.500 clients each month throughout the Netherlands. The care is delivered by a total of 3.300 employees of Lelie Zorggroep and 800 volunteers. Lelie Zorggroep offers their services and assistance throughout the Netherlands. Their vision is to care for their clients in a loving and supportive way. Furthermore, the care is matched to the personal needs of the client.

Both Jantine Wilschut and Marit Baaij work as innovation advisors at Lelie Zorggroep. They describe their job as managing and advising their specific department to continuously develop and improve the care delivered by Lelie Zorggroep. They are both an Innovators Club member at MedScaler and have given their valuable thoughts and opinions on several innovations in the past.

Lelie Zorggroep and innovation

There is a lot of attention for innovation within Lelie Zorggroep, according to both innovation advisors. Most innovations are introduced to Lelie Zorggroep through one of the innovation advisors or by one of the care professionals. Marit notes “we don’t innovate just to innovate. Innovation must be a means to improve our care.” Jantine elaborates that there is one innovation she is particularly proud of within their organization. When she just started working as an innovation advisor at Lelie Zorggroep, she reached out to several fairs and parties to scout innovations. She noticed that the market offers a lot of variation and possibilities and realized that most solutions on the market are not beneficial for all clients. Consequently, she kept exploring until she found ‘Virtual homecare’. Virtual homecare is a total package with a lot of eHealth solutions that can be tailored completely to the needs of the clients.

Lelie Zorggroep and MedScaler

“You want to stay up to date on what is happening on the market. MedScalers’ Innovators Club is a nice way to get to know the possibilities at an early stage” Marit indicates. She explains that MedScaler is a convenient way to know which developments are made abroad and what solutions are moving towards the Netherlands. Jantine mentioned that it is sometimes hard to keep track of all the possibilities, but that she wants to stay up to date on the most recent developments. By doing so, she might already be familiar with the solution when a specific need arises. MedScalers’ Innovators Club helps her to stay up to date and keep track of all the developments.

Future thoughts

When talking about what innovations they expect or would like to see in the future, they agree that not all challenges experienced in healthcare can be solved with technical solutions. The biggest challenge in healthcare is the increasing number of patients and shortage of healthcare staff. In the future, this is only expected to increase. Jantine indicates that to overcome this struggle, the focus should be put more on prevention. Marit adds “These bottlenecks do not necessarily ask for technological innovation but rather for new ways of collaborating”.

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