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Innovator in the spotlight – Marc Evers (Rijndam Revalidatie)

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Rijndam Revalidatie is a Dutch rehabilitation care organization with 18 clinics in the South Holland province. Rijndam has high ambitions when it comes to quality of care and innovation. Together with the Erasmus MC, the organization founded a specialized innovation center to foster research and innovation. To learn more, we spoke to Marc Evers, physical therapist by training, innovation advisor at Rijndam and member of MedScaler’s Innovators Club.

Welcoming innovation

New innovations at Rijndam emerge in different ways. “Firstly, we innovate internally, so-called workplace innovation. We have our own innovation fund to help realize this”, says Marc. “We also develop new innovations from scientific research together with the Delft University of Technology and the Erasmus MC”. Being an active member of networks such as Medical Delta and Life Sciences & Health 010, Rijndam strives for co-creation and collaboration. “Our innovation center also actively scouts existing or new solutions – both internally and externally – for example via MedScaler”.

Over the years, many new solutions have been implemented at the rehabilitation center, for example robotics and VR. “The best solutions come from demand-driven innovation, solving an actual problem that we face in the clinic”, according to Marc. “The SAEBO Flex* may not be the most technologically advanced innovation, but we use it on a daily basis. I also see a lot of potential for wearable sensor technology in the future”.


“We became a member of MedScaler’s Innovators Club, because it is impossible for us to monitor all new developments in terms of health innovation. I like that MedScaler provides us with promising innovations for rehabilitation. We contribute by validating or optimizing these innovations”.

Last January, Rijndam and MedScaler organized a demo meeting with Munevo Drive, who have developed an innovative, hands-free wheelchair control system that allows people with disabilities to operate their wheelchair independently via a smart glass. “We would like to get started on the first patient case”, says Marc.

Innovation wishlist

Marc recognizes a broad need amongst patients for aftercare and follow-up. “Patients often experience a gap between rehabilitation at Rijndam and going home – and it is hard to prepare patients for this”. Due to the corona crisis, Rijndam reports a spike in telerehabilitation and video consultations. “Combining these solutions with wearable sensor technology to keep track of patients’ progress could help solve this problem. We should investigate the current possibilities when it comes to realizing good blended care”.

Would you like to learn more about RijndamMunevo Drive or MedScaler? Reach out to us via or +31 (0)85 1300 820.

* SAEBO Flex is a wrist-hand-finger orthosis that is used as a treatment tool for restoring arm and hand function, for example in post-stroke patients.

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