Intelligent Observation has developed a smart system for automated monitoring of hand hygiene, offering real-time alerts and compliance reporting per department or team. The system uses sensors and smart badge holders to monitor the “five moments for hand hygiene”. MedScaler partnered with IntelObserve to validate and implement the solution in Dutch hospitals and care organizations.

In order to give more insights about this inspiring innovation, MedScaler interviewed Seth Freedman the founder of IntelObserve.

How is your innovation revolutionizing healthcare?
The importance of hand hygiene in healthcare has increased since COVID-19. Effective infection prevention and control helps to save lives. According to the World Health Organization 30 percent of the healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) can be prevented by better hygiene measures.
By using near-field magnetic induction (NFMI) technology-based sensors, IntelObserve is ‘highly accurate in measuring compliancy to hand hygiene protocols. It is revolutionizing healthcare because it can reduce infections, manage compliance, and create a safer environment for the patient and health professionals worldwide.

How does it work?
The sensors are attached to the soap dispenser, bed or door, which makes it possible to track hand hygiene moments in real-time. When care professionals forget to wash their hands, the smart badge holder gives a sign and helps to remember important handwashing moments. The hand hygiene compliancy levels can be monitored by infection control managers in a data dashboard per team, room or department. There is an option in the dashboard to enter HAIs events into the system, which makes it possible to understand infections in relation to hand hygiene compliance better. By tracking hand hygiene moments over time, it becomes easily clear which departments face difficulties in improving their compliance. This information can be very valuable to care organizations when it comes to training staff and improving protocols.

What is the most valuable tip about innovating healthcare that every entrepreneur could learn from?
According to Seth, the most valuable tip is to never give up. “MedTech and Digital Health are important because it’s the future, worldwide.”

Why did you choose the Dutch market?
“The Dutch market is similar to the US market in terms of reimbursement model. The financial pain points of HAI’s for hospitals in the Netherlands are comparable. As well, the view of the Dutch as progressive and innovative leadership in healthcare makes sense as a launching point to a broader EU offering. HAI’s are a known problem in every country in the EU.”

What is currently ongoing and what are the next milestone for your company?
“We have conducted 4 hospital pilots with various versions of hardware and software over more than 4 years to arrive at the commercial version of our solution. The next milestone would be to have 10 contracted, installed customers.” In 5 years, they would like see their innovation installed in more than 100 hospitals worldwide and be a recognized leader in HAI’s reduction and hand hygiene compliance in healthcare settings. Intelligent Observation is planning to expand their market in Europe, the US and the Middle East.

Would you like to learn more about IntelObserve or MedScaler? Would you like to start a pilot at your hospital or care facility? Email or call +31 (0)85 1300 820.

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