Starting at MedScaler in Corona Times

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Onboarding for a new job or internship is always exciting. What will the new colleagues be like, the job, the atmosphere? Normally, someone would give a small tour through the office building and I would have a coffee with the new co-workers and get a feeling for the atmosphere of the company. Digitally, this would be more complicated. I was afraid that everything would feel more… well, remote.

First day at MedScaler during corona times

Luckily, this was not the case and I felt welcome very soon. The first day, I received a personalized welcome card and a book: The Lean Start-Up. Then, there was an online onboarding program which helped me understand what to do in my first days. The onboarding program was a checklist which included information on the company, social media and other practical issues such as which programs we use and for what: communication via Slack, tracking of tasks and projects with Asana, hours worked with Clockify and storing files on File Stream. Within a day, I was up and running and started my first project! Overall, the onboarding process surprised me, in a good way, because it was clear what was expected of me, while feeling welcomed by the team.


Starting the job, and working from home was something I had to get used to. Living in a student accommodation, it is easy to get distracted. Luckily, because I have weekly deadlines and I have an overview of tasks to be done on Asana, I know exactly what I need to do and by when; this helps me stay productive. Another challenge of working from home is that I got rid of my desk a year before the corona-crisis because I didn’t use it a lot, but now I regret this… Working without a desk is not ideal, but it’s working for now.

New colleagues and team culture

I got to know my new co-workers during our regular virtual coffee check-ins, which we do three times a week. Recently, we started doing some of these while walking outside, in order to avoid sitting all day and getting some fresh air. I feel that these moments are important to get to know my colleagues on a more personal level, as we don’t talk about work related topics. On top of this, biweekly team events are organized where we get to know each other through fun activities. We have done a smoothie bowl workshop, played online board games and did online quizzes and I’m looking forward to the next online workshop. This creates a real team bond and is a nice addition to the workday. I’m still eager to have a meeting, drinks or a coffee in real life sometime soon with my colleagues, but until then, we’ll manage with the digital tools!

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