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Pssst, in a hurry? Just read the parts in bold 😉.

It’s an attempt to stimulate start-ups in health innovation to help each other jump to the next level.

MedScaler has set up an exciting busy travel schedule with a visit to every high quality health innovation incubator, accelerator and network in Western Europe. Two months of workshops, one-on-one sessions and meetings all over Europe form the start of a new way for health innovation startups to collaborate. We really want to change things.

It all started with a fascination for medtech start-ups. MedScaler saw that small teams were tackling enormous challenges. After speaking to some successful founders, we heard about the challenges these teams go through and grew a major amount of respect. When you think of it, the healthcare sector really is the Champions-league of start-ups. Of course, you have to deal with the struggles that every start-up goes through but on top of that, you have to deal with complex regulations, quality management and performing a clinical trial. Depending on your innovation, additional challenges about electro magnetic resonance, top-grade production, and bio-compatibility. All of this is usually done just to serve a customer who may have the most difficult sales trajectory there is. With a tripartite financial system, difficult reimbursement trajectories and lengthy decision procedures, business in healthcare is complex. At the same time, we get many questions from startups that are looking for highly specific information, data or expertise. These questions need a bigger pool to source from. This is how the idea for our European Partner Network was born.

We started by researching what accelerators and health innovation networks there are in Europe, and what their quality is. Some results of that research can be found in this previous post. After speaking to the accelerators, we found out that they also saw the value of a European partner network. In the quest to help their portfolio companies further, they are seeking a trusted network to refer to when one of their companies is ready for expanding abroad.

MedScaler’s ambition is to have at least one strong partner in every Western European country. Every European partner will get access to a Slack workspace to connect with each other. But more importantly, each of their portfolio companies will have access to both Slack and our Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base is a cloud folder full of relevant information and an overview of the questions and answers previously asked. Slack is the communication channel to ask any question that is still to be answered peer-to-peer. If none of this helped, we can always schedule a short call to see if we can still help in any other way, that’s what partners do. If you are a startup that is eager to join, check in with your accelerator to ask if they are already in our network, if they are not, let us know!

So far, we’ve had an absolute dream start. Keep your eyes on MedScaler’s online channels as we will be posting updates from each country we visit during the life changing Europe Tour!

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All yours,

The EuropeScalers