N-Vibe has developed a haptic navigation system for blind and visually impaired people, so they can navigate freely and independently. By means of non-invasive smart bands (one on the left and one on the right wrist) they guide the user through vibration. This liberates the hearing, allowing the user to focus on their trip or a conversation. MedScaler partnered with N-Vibe to validate and implement the solution in The Netherlands and Flanders.

We interviewed Charlie Galle, the CEO and Co-Founder of N-Vibe, to provide more elaborate insight in the company and its promising innovation.

How is your innovation revolutionizing healthcare?       

By using haptic feedback to guide the visually impaired instead of sound, our innovation frees our user’s ears so that they can focus on the danger of the road – hence bringing safe navigation to the blind and visually impaired.

How did you come up with this innovation?

For 3 years I worked at a startup that aims to make Retinitis Pigmentosa blind patients see using optogenetics. I realized more could be done for the visually impaired by using widely available technology. Talking with blind patients, it appeared to me that what they really needed in order to do everyday tasks, is to be more independent when going to new places. Using sound to give them information was too invasive and made walking dangerous. That’s when we decided to use the sense of touch to guide them. N-Vibe was born.

What is the next milestone for your company? 

The next milestone for N-Vibe is to launch our new smart bands in September. They will bring more comfort to our users and will enable us to scale with the help of local distributors.

What is the most valuable tip about innovating healthcare that every entrepreneur could learn from?             

The answers come from the users. When it comes to innovating healthcare, often entrepreneurs are focused on launching the perfect product – and it sometimes takes years before a user actually tests it. I believe in putting your product in the hands of your users as early as possible.

Why are MedTech and Digital Health so important?

Digital Health brings widely available technology together to solve very complex problems through innovation.

Would you like to learn more about N-Vibe, or would you like to try N-Vibe? Email innovators@medscaler.com or call 085 1300 822.

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