Neurab is an Italian startup that has developed the Neurotablet, a neurocognitive rehabilitation device for patients with brain injury. Rather than doing manual exercises on paper, patients and caregivers are offered a personalised, digital exercise program combined with an easy-to-use tablet. MedScaler and Neurab partnered up in to perform an Market Validation in the Dutch healthcare market. While exploring the initial interest amongst hospitals, centers for rehabilitation care, centers for disabled care and centers for elderly care, we received a lot of positive responses. We are now continuing with the Market Integration module during which, together with experts and healthcare professionals, we will carefully map the implementation setting, buying decisions, stakeholder system and identify potential bottlenecks.

In order to give more insights about this inspiring innovation, MedScaler interviewed Beatrice Festini, PR & Communications Manager at Neurab.

How is your innovation revolutionising healthcare?

“Neurab developed a cognitive neurorehabilitation programme for people affected by acquired brain disorders (stroke, traumatic brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, dementia…). The Neurotablet is a software-hardware device created with two different interfaces: a therapist version, allowing therapists to create specific treatment plans for the patient’s specific needs, and a patient version, to allow them to autonomously perform their neurorehabilitation even at home (telemedicine). Therapists can remotely monitor patients’ progress and adjust/change the exercises and the treatment plan according to the patients’ performance.”

What is your founding story? How did you come up with this innovation?
“Co-founder Simone Turati is a neuropsychologist. As soon as he started practicing as a therapist, he immediately noticed the lack of technology devices (especially mobile devices) to help therapists preparing targeted cognitive neurorehabilitation plans for their patients. There also wasn’t the possibility for patients to perform rehabilitation exercises at home: this causes high costs for the family, and very few people would rehabilitate. The Neurotablet is based on strong scientific evidence (Siena Consensus Conference) and it was designed in close collaboration with other neuropsychologists and patients.”
Why are you interested in entering/exploring the Dutch market? or Why did you choose to include The Netherlands in your next market entry strategy?
“The Dutch healthcare system is among the top five best valued health systems in therms of patient’s perceived quality of care. Although the market size is not as big as other European countries, Neurab decided to exploring the Netherlands as next market to enter since we found a valued partner in MedScaler.”
What is the next milestone for your company?
“On a product development side, the next milestone for Neurab is to create a target version of the Neurotablet exercises specific for kids with learning disabilities and ADHD: the cognitive paradigms can be easily adapted for this new target, only a more gamified interface with the device is needed.”
In your opinion, why MedTech and Digital Health are so important?
“Medical Technology and Digital Health solutions are fundamental in Healthcare as they help clinicians perform their work in a more efficient way, and at the same time they provide patients with easy tools to monitor their health, increase access to therapies, lower health costs and increase treatment adherence.”
Where do you see your innovation in 5 years?
“The Neurotablet innovation will be a new standard for technology-based cognitive neurorehabilitation for a broad spectrum of cognitive disorders (with new paradigms specifically designed for Parkison’s patients, children, and other clinical conditions). It will be integrated with sensors and Brain Computer Interface solutions to give more insights on the patients and provide new therapy possibilities.”
What would be other markets that you might/are planning to explore in the future?
“The next geographical market Neurab is focusing on is Germany and Russia, but also US (thanks to a new partnership with an American company).”

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