PainPod™ BioTechnology

PainPod™ is an Australian medical technology company. Named in Forbes‘ top 10 best Health Tech Gadgets in 2019, they are offering the very latest scientific advances in portable physical therapy devices. As demands for effective natural alternatives to medication increase, PainPod brings natural to the body effective pain relief and recovery. PainPod is currently being used in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, medical rehabilitation and professional sport throughout the world and recently teamed up with MedScaler to conduct Market Validation and to get a sense of the B2B market potential in The Netherlands.

In order to shed more light on this exciting innovation, MedScaler interviewed Donnie Rough, PainPod’s Director of Sales in Europe.

How is your innovation revolutionising healthcare?

“We offer a portable solution providing natural pain relief and expediting the muscular and cellular recovery process caused by injury and many of today’s imperative ailments.”

What is your founding story? How did you come up with this innovation?

“Our owner and founder discovered the healing powers of frequency and electrical impulse about a decade ago. After extensive research and development, we determined the most effective electronic stimulation treatments used globally throughout the physical therapy, sports therapy, and pain management sectors, and developed Painpod. Painpod is a unique product combining the various technologies used over multiple sectors of rehabilitation, into one portable machine. With the objection to rid the world of pharmaceutical dependency, we continually develop and improve the Painpod line to include the newest and most effective non-drug physical therapy treatments available.”

Why are you interested in entering/exploring the Dutch market? or Why did you choose to include The Netherlands in your next market entry strategy?

“The Dutch market is extremely diverse and health conscious. There is considerable focus within both the private and public healthcare sectors in the Netherlands to utilize innovative but effective products. We are working on a partnership campaign with a very large organization focused around Diabetes within the UK. Our product line will gain acknowledgment within the professional diabetic community as effective and understand that our devices can improve the lives of people with many different ailments; not just folks recovering from injuries.”

What is the most valuable tip about innovating healthcare that every entrepreneur could learn from?

“Be patient, do your research, and don’t rush. Innovative products take time to create a presence in any market. If you are able to build a solid foundation to build off of, you will not only experience solid growth throughout your sales channels, but also growth organically. Concentrate your efforts on 3 to 5 markets, but always keep your eyes and ears open for all opportunities that become available.”

What research, pilot or trials do you currently have ongoing to become an evidence based intervention?

“We recently worked with a technological university in Barcelona and conducted a usability study within a professional clinic to determine how ergonomic our device is in comparison with the current industry standard products.”

In your opinion, why MedTech and Digital Health are so important?

“Med-tech and digital health are imperative to us progressing medically as a civilization. Although humans are developing new technologies and discovered more about anatomy every day, we are still often using treatments professionally that aren’t the most effective for conditions and sometimes even detrimental to long term health. Many times we are using conventional treatments simply because of lower cost or more convenience. Incorporating technological innovations into medical protocol can not only allow more effective treatments but it may also be able to eliminate worldwide dependency on pharmaceuticals.”

What would be other markets that you might/are planning to explore in the future?

“We are currently looking at expanding into Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Ireland and Singapore.”

Where do you see your innovation in 5 years?

“With a considerable amount of research currently being focused on treatments utilizing frequency; I see our product integrating technologies that will be able to combat ailments that are currently not treatable but rampant within our species.”

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