Parsek designed several user-friendly digital tools to simplify collaboration in healthcare. Their headquarters are in Vienna, R&D subsidiary in Ljubljana and they also have market representatives in London and Paris. Being an innovative company aiming to provide unified collaboration solutions within Europe, Parsek decided to explore their market potential in The Netherlands. They teamed up with MedScaler to validate their value proposition through an Market Validation for two of their eHealth solutions: Vitaly Managed Care for efficiently coordinated outpatient care and Vitaly Case Conference for collaborative decision making of complex and dispersed multidisciplinary teams.

Vitaly Managed Care

Management of diseases in an outpatient setting is often complex and fragmented. Digital organization and coordination of chronic and complex care remains a difficult practice. Vitaly Managed Care is an application for professional users that supports coordinated care in the outpatient setting and continuity of care for patients involved in long-term therapy. The web-based application can be used by care teams of different sizes and capabilities. It supports the creation of standardized care maps with a possibility of individualisation, monitoring progress and exchanging information securely. Additionally, the platform refines communication with tools for video collaboration, notifications and secure messaging.

In addition, a separate application for patients can be integrated with Vitaly Managed Care to support them in balancing their health and wellbeing in the outpatient setting. This enables patients to follow their treatment plan and keeps them engaged in managing their therapy activities while having their care providers only a click away.

Vitaly Case Conference

Multidisciplinary teamwork ensures for better healthcare. However, the organization, communication and exchange of medical data between different stakeholders and individuals remains far from easy. Vitaly Case Conference is a web-based software application, empowering dislocated teams of experts to achieve more effective, patient-centered and timely administration as well as to stimulate discussion for better results. It simplifies the logistics, information flow and coordination within multidisciplinary teams setting. The solution covers simplified as well as more complex patient case review processes by supporting Cross-enterprise Tumor board workflow (IHE XTB-WD) and eReferral management (IHE XBeR-WD).

Vitaly Case Conference: Medical board workflow involving multidisciplinary roles that can be assigned to experts from different institutions, enabling meeting facilitation supported by a video collaboration tool.

In order to give more insights about this inspiring innovation, MedScaler interviewed Vedran Boškić – the Sales Director of Parsek.

What is your founding story? How is your company revolutionizing healthcare?

A long track record of the company’s success in digitalization recognizes the distance between healthcare providers and consumers. An in-depth understanding of healthcare information integration management has increased the value of the solution offered. The portfolio of Vitaly eHealth solutions supports healthcare providers to collaborate in the diagnosis and therapy definition phase and to actively guide healthcare consumers in their recovery process.

Why are you interested in entering/exploring the Dutch market?

There are several care programs currently being run in the UK and MDOs (multidisciplinary meetings) in the Netherlands. Parsek were particularly interested in exploring their market potential in the Netherlands because the Dutch market has a very high level of IT skills within health & care industries. Another reason is because of their commitment to international interoperable standards and strategic orientation towards digital solutions in healthcare. In 5 years, Parsek aims to be a market leader in NL and UK markets.

In your opinion why are MedTech and Digital Health so important?

The largest part of each country’s expenses is in healthcare and the level of digitization of this domain is definitely one of the lowest.

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