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We aim to remove complexity and simplify your market introduction, for which we have developed a comprehensive, step-by-step process. Entering a new market has never been this simple.

Our services for start-ups

Market Introduction

Our step-by-step process helps you from validating your innovation in the market to the integration and scaling phase.

Market Research

Our market research modules helps you identify the top countries of interest for your company.


Acquiring reimbursement can be crucial for further growth. We speed up and support the process of reimbursement.

Market Validation

We perform an initial validation of your proposition in our market in no-time. Receive our insights in the Dutch healthcare system and its submarkets, in order to find out where you fit in. We take your proposition and validate it the lean startup way. We have an active network of healthcare providers from all submarkets that will respond to your proposition and answer your most urgent questions.

This direct input is combined with our up-to-date insights on every corner of the Dutch healthcare and reimbursement system. No lengthy desk research, but validated information from professionals and experts. Our standardized templates and procedures make this a fast, transparent and affordable start to discover a new country.

Market Integration

Based on the insights and opportunities identified in the Market Validation, we further engage with the interested care organizations to gather all critical information needed to implement. We consider the following five aspects of integration: Medical workflow, Technical integration, The business case, Quality and assurance, Implementation process.

After we collected all critical information, the care organizations decide how they want to continue with your solution. We continue to take you through other processes like reimbursement and finding the right distributor and sales channels.

Get Scaled

This is the module to reach a serious scale. After having implemented at a few care organizations in the Market Integration Module, we will now aim to reach every single patient or organization that can benefit from your innovation. We sign a commitment for a year, that we start off with an intense 10-week period. In these first 10 weeks we create your growth plan and put it straight to action, we stay involved the rest of the year to guide your growth.

Distributor Search

Finding the right distributor can be a crucial step for startups and scaleups (SMEs), enabling them to bring their innovative solutions to the healthcare market. MedScaler has designed the Distributor Search module to match promising startups and scale-ups with the right distributor. At the core of this service is our Distributors Club, a network of distributors focused on innovation and technology in healthcare who participate in the distributor search module.

Get Established

Is the Netherlands the right place for you to open an office or distribution point? Enjoy the benefits of great infrastructure, a strong educational system and an international mindset. Together with our tax and finance partner, we offer two modules to arrange everything you need to get started in the Netherlands. The first part of this module discovers if, and what, legal entity you should start and what the further actions will be. The second part of the module executes all required actions around tax, finance and HR. Additionally, we will help you decide on a strategic location and make sure you get a soft landing in our network of fellow health innovators.

Get Funded

Attracting the right capital can be crucial to achieving sustainable growth all over Europe or to bring your product to the next level. We speed-up and improve the process of fundraising. We partnered with an ever-growing list of investors active in the field of digital health and medical technology. In our Get Funded Module, we determine which investors make the best match for your deal and get you a spot on their table. After your pitch, the investors will not only give you their regular answer, but they will provide us with more extensive feedback on your pitch and proposal so you can improve along the way.

Market Analysis

Looking for an in-depth analysis of a particular market? The Market Analysis provides a thorough market understanding of a country of your choice. MedScaler has experience with Market Analyses in North-America as well as multiple European countries. Our click & collect menu allows our clients to add research topics to their Market Analysis proposal based on their company’s needs. This results in a tailor-made research proposal that delivers the insights you are looking for.


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