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Always wanted to know what it is like to do your internship in the field of healthcare innovation? Tymen, Junior Health Innovator and fulltime intern at MedScaler, will tell you everything about it. Tymen is almost finishing up his master Science, Business and Innovation at the VU in Amsterdam. In the following article, he will elaborate on what it is like to be an intern at MedScaler, his development, his thesis, and the innovative projects he has worked on. Are you curious about working as an intern at MedScaler? Make sure to check out the vacancy, and maybe perform the same tasks as Tymen.

What does an average day look like for you?

“Working at MedScaler as a Junior Health Innovator means a high learning curve. You get a lot of opportunities and responsibilities during your internship health innovation, which I experienced to be great. During my internship, I have seen many different aspects of the company and international healthcare markets. As a result, no day has felt the same for me. One day I was busy with tasks related to business development for example, while the next day it was busy with my client report.”

How do you combine writing your thesis with your work for MedScaler?

“Luckily the topic of my master’s thesis is practically the same as the client report I am currently working on. This is very valuable, as it allows me to use the healthcare network that MedScaler has, to get deeper insights in my topic. This not only helps me write a better thesis but also enables me to learn how a business report is written.”

What is your thesis about?

“The subject of my master’s thesis is a novel diagnostic method for endometriosis. I write a high-level market entry strategy for this tool in the Dutch healthcare market.”

Can you tell us something about a project you’ve worked on for MedScaler?

“The project I have worked on was a Market Analysis module in seven countries for a novel diagnostic method for endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disease with an average diagnostic delay of seven years. In this project, I investigated which countries were most relevant to implement the innovation for this client. Besides my contact person, I was fully involved in the process from desk research to validation. Retrospectively, I think this sense of responsibility has been of great value to my steep learning curve.”

What do you consider the greatest benefit of writing your thesis and doing your internship at MedScaler?

“To be part of a knowledgeable organization that allows me to dive even deeper into the topic than I otherwise would have done. Besides that, it facilitates a great learning curve from an academic point of view and a business point of view.”

Writing your thesis during your internship health innovation can also be quite challenging, I guess. How do you deal with that?

“Luckily MedScaler is an understandable employer who gives time, space, and opportunities to finish up your schoolwork when your project becomes too much. Fortunately, this does not occur often, especially in my case, as my thesis subject and client project are almost the same.”

What do you like most about doing your internship health innovation at MedScaler?

“What I like the most about working at MedScaler is the accessibility to novel medical tools and the steep learning curve.”

Your internship health innovation is almost over, unfortunately. What is the thing you learned most over the last period?

“As I came fresh out of the university, I learned a lot about business writing and how the medical world works in practice. Also, the talks I had with the management were of great benefit to me. Both Robin (Operations Director) and Nino (Managing Director) have inspired me to continue working in the medical innovation field.”

Curious about the specifications of Tymens internship? Make sure to check out the vacancy for Dutch students or the German vacancy. We also offer parttime and fulltime starter positions in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) and Germany (Mannheim). You can apply via our website or contact for more information!